Welcome to the OFFICIAL SITE FOR THE POLAR POUT PLUNGE held annually in Walker, Minnesota as a part of the International Eelpout Festival. Each year, thousands of people watch hundreds of plungers jump, flip, belly-flop and dance their way into Leech Lake’s icy waters to benefit the Walker Area Community Center. Tens of thousands of dollars are raised each year with proceeds going directly to the WACC. The 2015 Polar Pout Plunge took place on Saturday, February 21st, 2015. 

2015 Polar Plunge Results:

  • Total Jumpers: 98 (26 Teams)
  • Total Jumper Money Raised: $32,107
  • Team High: Charlie’s Up North: $5,560
  • Most Senior Plunger: John Tarbuck, Age 67
  • Best Team Costume: “Three Blind Mice”

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How to participate in the PPP:

Individuals and teams collect money from sponsors (a.k.a. those too chicken to jump) and take the plunge. Minimum cost to participate is $50. You will plunge into shallow water, about four feet deep. Do not jump head first. The Lakes Area Dive Team will be in the water to assist jumpers, if necessary. After the plunge you can retreat to heated facilities within the Chase Hotel.

  1. Download and complete the registration form on the brochure.
  2. Prizes are awarded according to the amount of money submitted at registration.
  3. Collect sponsor donations from neighbors, friends and relatives. Minimum cost to participate is $50.
  4. Bring your sponsor form and contributions to registration at the Chase Hotel Convention Center  between 1:00-2:00 on plunge day.
  5. Jumping begins at 2:00 and ends at 3:00.
  6. Bring a dry change of clothes with you. Shoes are strongly encouraged. Do not bring valuables!
  7. Family appropriate attire is required.
  8. Take the plunge! Water is about chest deep.
  9. Do NOT dive head first!
  10. Escape to our heated accommodations.

Why do I want to jump in the lake?!

Because, you can earn great prizes including Moondance tickets by soliciting sponsors!

Get invited to the Team Appreciation party!

Jumpers may combine into teams of 2-10 to compete for team prizes. Any team that raises $1,000 or more will receive 10 tickets to the Team Appreciation Party. The Team Appreciation Party is an entirely free thank you party held the weekend after the plunge at Moondance Lazy Moon Bar & Grill, Cocktail Hour 5-7, Buffet 6-8. At this event, $1,000 cash will be given away as well as HD TVs, Moondance tickets and more.

Get VIP seating at the plunge, or secure your press pass!

Get the best view with our VIP Pass! For only $10 (or 3/$20)you can be INSIDE the plunge area on our bleachers! This is the best view for live entertainment, the craziest costumes and plungers! VIP Passes may be purchased at local retailers. Same-day sales are available only if not sold out so get them right away!

ATTENTION MEDIA & PRESS!: If you are part of the media personnel and need access inside of the plunge hole area, please call us at 218-547-1853 to secure your press pass. Please be advised that you are not allowed access into the VIP area without a pass.


Moondance Tickets for these top honors:


  • Each $500 earned by a jumper
  • Team that raises the most money
  • Best Team Costume
  • Most senior jumper
  • Also Moondance tickets for raising at least $500!


The Walker Area Community Center is the home of Walker Rotary Club, Youth Hockey, Curling Club, Just For Kix, Tae Kwon Do, Boys and Girls Club, Fitness Center, Gymnasium, a large community meeting space and the quaint Ringle Library meeting room. The WACC hosts many more groups and events that bring thousands of visitors to the Walker area. To find out everything you need to know about the Polar Pout Plunge, please check out all the information below or visit us on Facebook.